Prayer Requests - MO

We need jobs and help with getting closer to God. We are getting attacks daily. I would also like prayer for my family and my kids. They are lost.

Please pray as I go into a new mission field. That I submit to God. It seems daily new pain racks my body. Knee, back, shoulder.

Please pray for my 65-year-old sister she has a stage 3 inoperable malignant tumor on her pancreas.

Son Graham addicted for 20 years, now homeless, suicidal, and hopeless. Abused by a pastor at 14 and turned to drugs. God has a call on his life. Deliverance.

My family needs prayer, my wife has stage 4 kidney failure, my kids and grandkids need Jesus in their lives, they are living by the culture's lies mercy.

Prayers for our children, grandchildren and son-in-laws. Salvation, and to bring our children and grandchildren home. Broken.