Prayer Requests - MN

Please pray for my salvation and that I would have God's love to be the dad and grandfather to the kids I walked away from.

Please pray for Shawn a 41-year-old who needs quick healing from cancer. Thank you so much for your prayers!

I have COVID-19. No taste, no smell or amonia smell, last night very difficult breathing. I believe I'm healed in Jesus' name, please pray I do not fear.

My daughter's relationship is rocky. I take care of the grandkids. Pray for softened heart, the conviction of sin, compromise, opposition, persecution, and ability to care for my grandkids.

I need a breakthrough. I'm 49 years old and haven't felt well for 9 years. I've been a believer since I was 14. I've repented, believed in God's promises, and have been to Christian healing services.