Prayer Requests - ME

Please pray I get restitution on two false felony police reports. One in Illinois and one in Maine. Both tied to the AFA in 1993. The other two of felony rapes, victim, and witness!

Please pray that my sister and I get restitution, on two felony crimes she went through in Chicago in 1970. Illinois state government and the governor ignored.

Please pray for me I’am a chronic masturbater and addicted to pornography. I can’t get away from it and stop it. Please heal me Lord!

Please pray that my entire household will walk close to God and stand in this dark day. Thank you!

Please pray for my son and I to be rescued safely out of where we live and that God would provide a safe and affordable place for us to live. TY.

Pray for Mark that may need more surgery this week. Plus my sister's family needs guidance and peace from HIM.