Prayer Requests - MD

Please pray for the Lord to make sure that the unemployment continues for Julie and it is no more stress on her. Please pay for Romans 8:28.

Pray God will create in me a clean heart and my life would honor Him. That my mouth edifies his body. Strength to resist temptation. That I be light at home.

Pray for Aaron's salvation, health and that God will fill him with Spirit as a child. That I will be patient with him. And God be God in our lives! God bless.

Please pray for healing and quick recovery for my niece K who had surgery to remove the tumor and the test results show no cancer. Thanks, TSC.

Please continue to pray for our political leaders and for Jesus to remove those who are opposing His commandments and Laws.

Please pray for peace in the Hamptons House. Pray for G and R together again never apart. Pray for G to stop stressing, trust Jesus and lean on him.