Prayer Requests - MA

Please pray for my son that has drifted away from the Lord. I also pray He will return to college. I'm believing God for Him.

I was laid off today. Please pray for me to get a new job so I can provide for my family as the main earner in the family. I am believing in the Lord.

Please pray for Don C., who is Jewish, to find the Messiah. Also pray for healing. He's 90 and fell and hurt his back.

I got hit by a car. My knee got injured and it was getting better. Now it got worse. Also, my work environment is toxic. My boss keeps on screaming.

Pray for my sister and Dad in Colombia to have complete assurance of their salvation (they are Catholic), and both are very sick. Thanks for praying!

My employer is causing me anxiety attacks. Pray that she does not scream over anything and everything. To keep calm and treat me better.