Prayer Requests - MA

Pray for me to get a job breakthrough, provision, resolve problem, business success, and for my mom's healing.

Please pray for my health benefits. My husband might not have to pay them now. Please pray for the court hearing with the judge on February 2nd at 9 a.m.

Lord, heal my family from the loss of our sweet Lauren. Thank you, God, for being so good. Lord, thank you that Lauren is with you. Save all my family.

Pray for Angelo to be saved and become a prayer warrior. Also pray the same for TJ who is afraid to die and rejects Jesus.

Desperate mom sued for divorce. Please pray for 1/20. My husband is taking money and my children. I have cancer. Raised children for 19 years. Thwart his plan.

Pray for me that I waste no more time, trying to balance myself on that fence of having it both ways. Time to fully commit and not look back!