Prayer Requests - LA

I need prayer for total restoration of myself, my children, and everything that was lost stolen and taken from us I need a word from God.

Please pray for me I will be having an angiogram done on Wednesday morning. Pray for Michael's deliverance from alcohol and depression.

For Conrad (son) and Ann's (wife) salvation. He committed adultery. Divorce seems imminent, Jane, 6, saved. Frances 4.

I believe that God has delivered me from my addiction to drugs, but fear keeps coming to my heart that it won't last. Agree with me that it will go.

Pray for Michael to be delivered from alcohol, depression and protect him. Pray for Jacob's salvation, deliver him from lying deceiving Spirits and protect him.

Pray for healing for Lil Johnny, a new position for Kevin, for Kayleigh to listen to the Lord's direction, and Megan for a Christian husband. Praise God.