Prayer Requests - LA

Please pray with me: salvation and healing for A., A. J., S., H., S., D., A., B., E. and M. Please pray for me to find a new place to live.

Lord I come to you humbly and request your interceding on my behalf with my current job at the hospital I love. I humbly request that you would help me.

I am having neck fusion surgery on 4 discs on Friday, June 10, 2022. I am believing the Lord for a speedy recovery. To God be the Glory. In Jesus' name.

I have to take a class starting tomorrow and pass a test at the end or may lose my job. Please pray that I pass it on the first try as the bosses want.

Please pray for a fresh baptism of God's Holy Spirit and his heart, for solid Christian prayer partners, for Jesus to touch me, for joy and healing.

I'm older and single, working away from home. I'm so tired. I'm not able to be in my local church and I have no relatives that serve God. Please pray.