Prayer Requests - KS

Prayers for our friend G. He needs strength, comfort, and encouragement in the Lord. Also for a dear friend with Cancer.

Please pray for God to move in the hearts of our children, they're becoming discouraged. And for God to turn hearts to Himself in our home and church.

Please pray for God to move so powerfully in our son's life. And for a mighty, reviving touch of His hand upon our church.

A four-year-old was molested at daycare. She was not the only one. Please pray for children in daycares and adults in nursing homes. Thank you.

Please pray for me to have the will power to quit smoking and drinking and for housing to become available to me this month so that I'm not living with others.

Please pray for me, I have been having chest pains, and they are becoming more frequent and longer lasting. I'm only 39. I have 10 kids.