Prayer Requests - KS

Prayer to be free from this deep sorrow of heart. I am a Christian gramma. Please pray for me.

Please pray for the salvation of our children Claire and her husband Veera, Aubrey and Nathan. God Bless You, Michele T.

Please pray for my cousin Jack. He has end stage liver failure and it's irreversible so he needs a transplant to live. They gave him six months and he's not even 30 yet.

Please pray for our church. We are experiencing some very serious problems and are on the verge of losing many people. Pray God moves and has His way.

Please pray for our Pastor and our church. There are many underlying issues and we're crumbling fast. Prayers for wisdom and a move of God's hand.

My aunt who has stage 4 breast cancer in the bones, just found out her husband's entire heart is clogged and has calcium buildup, dangerous for surgery.