Prayer Requests - KS

Please pray that my eight-year-old son stops having migraines. My husband recently became a pastor, and we have a lot of stress on us as a family.

Please pray for my Grandma. She had a stroke, but no damage. She's coherent, but she can't gain her physical strength back for some reason and is very weak.

Please pray for me to fully forgive my dad! I want to forgive him, but I lapse back into bitterness and unforgiveness when the same actions happen.

Prayers for Dawn. She has 3 blocked arteries, and stints put in. But it still looks like she will need open heart surgery. She has a husband and 2 or 3 kids.

Pray for an elderly doctor with heart failure and placed in Hospice care. Pray for his salvation and his family's. They need a miraculous touch of God's hand.