Prayer Requests - IN

Pray for me to walk in purity. I am a widower of 24 years. I desire to be able to be a godly husband to a godly wife. Help me to be a blessing.

Pray that God saves my sister, two nephews, niece, and three great-nieces. Also, pray for Bro. Bill and family. Thank you!

Request the charges be dropped against my son who has never been in trouble with the law. Work it out in his favor in Jesus' name.

I'm truly asking for prayers and intercession on behalf of my brother James here in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I'm truly asking for your prayers.

Please pray for my friend Susan, she has been home bound for 14 months and has MS. Doctors say she cannot leave the house as her immune system is very poor. God's report TSC.

My husband smokes pot. I smoke cigarettes. I also take anxiety and depression meds. My doggy was hit by a car!
I love Jesus and need deliverance.