Prayer Requests - IL

Please pray for Courtney. She has a heart valve leak and she is pregnant. She is due October 3rd. They won't operate until she delivers. Thanks.

Pray for favor in keeping and getting staff where I work. Salvation for Ramiro and everyone at work. Discipleship and salvation for family.

To let go of my past and give it all to God. To stop trying to rekindle a past relationship. To forgive others and myself in Jesus' name.

For Trish to get a new car. The motor on her car blew up yesterday she shared it with her mom. Please Pray.

Please pray for my brother Roger W, who has COVID-19 pneumonia. They had to put him on a ventilator this morning. I know that God can heal him.

My niece thinks she is a man please pray for the mercies of God show her the Truth for her to be saved.