Prayer Requests - IL

Please pray that God will give the spiritual wife that he has for my sons, Juan, Isaiah and Larry, and the spiritual husband he has for my daughter.

Please pray for my son Juan, that he be delivered from the spirit of anger, and from hitting his ex girlfriend. That God heals any wounds hurt.

Please pray for my husband Charles Patrick. He has a condition in his heart. Please pray that he doesn’t have to take the second shot and no other shot.

Please pray that God will heal my husband from diabetes 2, and from a condition in, and from a skin disease in his back caused by diabetes 2.

That God will heal my spinal cord, my sacrum, my sacroiliac joints, my back, that I could sit down for hours without my back or lower back hurting.

Pray for family friends that lost their son to suicide for comfort and salvation. Also for my son and wife who were close to him.