Prayer Requests - IL

Prayer for my husband and myself to experience and encounter Jesus Christ and to desire to read the Bible.

Pray for neighbor Steve, a retired firefighter and disabled. Taken by ambulance to a hospital, today. Also, his dog died, today. Prayers for him and his wife. Thank you.

The house I live in should have been condemned and yet I'm being charged rent. Please pray that my rent is wiped out, and I only pay utilities until sold.

Please pray that I will not wake up with blurry eyes and that the Lord will heal me completely. Pray against fear. Pray, I get through an MRI.

In hospital for blurred vision. Please pray. Pray, I will not have a reaction to any dyes. Pray God will reveal what's wrong and pray for healing.

Need healing of 1.3cm kidney stone and breast lump without surgery. May God be glorified and raise me up to be a prayer warrior in these dire times.