Prayer Requests - IL

I have greatly offended someone. I have greatly apologized. Please pray their heart will be healed and filled with joy. Pray for peace and restoration.

I'm a prayer request for problems with a sinuses and my stomach and hernia and my back. I'm very low Very low energy and trouble sleeping And financia.

Struggling with depression for 16 years. Son married a woman who hates me. I don't know why. I have 3 grandchildren. I'm cut out of all their lives. I'm heartbroken.

The Lord you know my heart, please answer my prayers in the name of the great jehova jireh.

Pray God gives good health to Rachel's grandchild who is in hospital. God bless the baby with good health. God be with Helmina and George's wife.

I am in need of a financial blessing to save me right now. I have many bills and a car in need of repair. This has worked for me many times before.