Prayer Requests - IL

Please pray for our union to blossom and our wedding to happen this year, we have toxic family members on both sides. We have been waiting a long time.

I'm struggling with hair loss and it's making me very depressed. I used to have very long, thick, beautiful hair. It hasn't been the same since covid.

Dear Lord, I am praying to marry Steve. I am praying for a health healing and a financial blessing to come, to pay my bills. In Jesus' almighty name, amen.

Prayer for me - to love Triune God and safety. How to correct errors in police report. Possible abuse of niece when she was a teen. A sister accusing me of abuse.

The landlord denies problem with housemate suspected of using/making drugs and the police can't do much yet. Pray for favor for me to give notice and not be penalized.