Prayer Requests - ID

Pray for my GF Stephanie in Hatboro, PA. For her to be pulled free from the sadness she's in, that her sons, sisters, mom and dad all get saved. Help.

Lord bind the hands of the spirits keeping Stephanie’s heart blind, numb, unforgiving, unloving, bitter, and lose love, mercy, forgiveness, and joy.

I want Jesus to heal me from the bondage of pornography. Please pray by the faith as it will be the only way I’ll be changed. Thank you.

I want more of the Holy Spirit. I want to understand and apply the Word in my heart better so I may pray, and walk by faith, and love better.

I need wisdom and favor for a job interview in Arizona this Wednesday. Pray, God grants me favor and that this is His direction for me.

I am married to an atheist, and as I seek God more, it’s bringing discord. I think my husband wants a divorce and has given me an ultimatum. Please pray.