Prayer Requests - HI

Pray for my daughter Sloan. She's going down a destructive path involving alcoholism and promiscuity. Pray that she finds Jesus.

Please pray for my husband who drinks everyday for the past 30 years. Pray for salvation in Jesus' name.

Pray for Angie to go through detox. Open a door for a flight to travel. Open a door to her heart and open a door into rehab.

Prayer for Angie, wanting rehab. For her commitment to a 1-year treatment. For detox treatment, a flight out of Portland, and acceptance in Teen Challenge.

Pray for a backslidden girl named Angie. She's now an alcoholic and married to an abusive man. Please pray. She drinks so much, she passes out three full days.

Father in Jesus name, please save and help everyone to be Christlike, me, Matthew, Faith, Mama Lily, Lourdes, Aji, Kevin, Jay, Paul, Tom, Precy, Shaziney, Benny, Mel, THANK YOU, LORD!