Prayer Requests - GA

Please pray for my wife and my marriage. My name is James and my wife's name is Tyshawnia. My marriage continues to fail no matter how hard I try.

Revival and Full restoration for my children Morgan and Jonathan. Full Restoration in every area of my life, especially my health, and finances. In Jesus' name.

Will you please pray? There's a lot - I need Jesus' grace and focus. Please pray for my elderly mom, for deliverance cooperation, peace. And For America.

Please pray. I'm transporting my elderly mom to live with me. We need grace and peace, Jesus' presence and deliverance. Pray He is glorified. Thank you.

Pray for my aide Mulki who is Muslim and will be working in my home during Ramadam fasting. Pray she will find Jesus.

I need prayer to heal and preserve my new marriage so that it brings glory to the Lord, in Jesus' name.