Prayer Requests - FL

Praying for the Perez family, after the loss of their oldest daughter, Celine, 22. The horror, the devastating effect on the family. Pray for mercy and love.

Please pray for my son Gilbert's deliverance. He has retreated to his own world living alone and is reclusive. He has a bitter spirit towards his family.

Pray for me to get a good job, to strengthen my relationship with my wife and health and long life for my family.

Prayer for a 10-year-old boy and his mom who lost their dad and ex-husband. Also, the request for a Pakistani visitor's extended visa is in process. Thank you.

Before July 22, 2020 a Pakistanian woman who's visiting here, has to be back in her country. Her Visa can't be extended. Pray for an option that doesnt cost 9,000 dollars.

Pray for the person(s?) my friend has hurt. There may have been others involved, but she was in bad shape. Pray that she may know that the Lord Jesus loves her.