Prayer Requests - CT

Please pray for my son Jacob as he is in Colorado after years of not talking. Please pray for reconciliation and healing between him and his Dad.

For my son as he travels to Colorado, to see his father after years of being apart. Pray God will restore their relationship after years of not talking.

Prayer for our marriage to honor God's will. That we live for His glory until the end. Thanks, TSC!

That our Lord will restore our children to Him,
and that He would reconcile my wife and me together and that we put Jesus to be in the center.

Please pray for my son Jacob who is flying out to Denver, CO after years of being away from his Dad. Pray for a covering over him, the devil is trying steal, kill and destroy.

Father God keep me and my wife in your will. May we live for your glory alone until you come. Protect our marriage. AMEN!