Prayer Requests - CT

Please pray for EV who has a diagnosis of breast cancer and for Vicky's grandmother who is hospitalized with COVID-19 as her condition is worsening.

Please pray they God provides provision a nob so I can finish my last semester at Summit. My family was hit with unexpected financial needs.

Please pray salvation for Robyn who has breast cancer, is married yet lives with a woman, her daughter is pregnant, not married; a mess, Mar needs God. Husband needs God.

Healing medically. Precancerous for bone marrow cancer. Myalgic encephalomyelitis (low-level ionizing radiation poisoning ). Financial needs.

Pray that God meets my Aunt in the hospital. Comfort her, we cannot be there with her. She is alone. Fill the room she lays with peace, comfort, and healing.

Pray for my Aunt she is fighting for her life. She just had surgery. Pray for her healing. Peace for our family and financial breakthrough for our family.