Prayer Requests - CO

My cousin Anix P. came from Honduras with her two kids on a visa to seek medical treatment, it looks like breast cancer. Plead for mercy and her kids.

Husband Zim, Kim mental illness. On meds. Insomnia, blood pressure, weight. Infant baptism. Boy Scout Order of the Arrow freemason, bondages in the family.

I am on my 5th antibiotic. I got Clostridium Difficile from taking too much Cipro for diverticulitis. C.Diff is very contagious and makes spores.

Prayer that Jesus would send mighty prayer warriors into our home to start a prayer group and to hear from God.

My adult grandson has a mental illness but gave his life to Jesus several years ago. He is in jail, awaiting a bed to open up in a state mental hospital.

Prayer for the homeless and addicts in Grand Junction. So many are dying in the streets and seeking help at local churches.