Prayer Requests - CA

Please pray for my friend's marriage. Pray that her husband gets saved, delivered from addiction, and living an independent life.

Please pray for my David to repent and be saved, cease taking FM hormones, and be reunited with his family. Protection by blood of the Lamb in SF.

Healing for ears, no more ringing/hissing and whistling in Jesus' name. Thank you TSC.

TSC, urgent prayer for my daughter Limaris, with different addictions. She was in jail for a week. Has four kids that are being influence by it. Thanks!

I'm really tired of asking. It looks like God would rather not hear me. Need a new car, place and work. My brother too. Mom's surgery. Also 4 Mexico.

Screeching and ringing in my ears. Please pray for healing. It's so hard to rest or have any peace with this. Thank You TSC. God bless you all.