Prayer Requests - AZ

My prayer is for temperance in my eating habits, so I can lose 160 pounds. I want to once again glorify God with my body.

Salvation and Deliverance for my family: Nathan, Anna, Aubrey, Nora, Jim, Gary, Sara, Chris Nick, Danny.

Please pray that my son will let God back into his life. He was a Christian but now says he is an atheist. Please also pray that my husband doesn't have a brain tumor.

Prayer for a genuine salvation encounter and freedom from marijuana and alcohol for joy and a Christian friend.

Smitten with psoriasis and hope to move to Eugene Oregon and stay at the Mission. Pray for me.

Please pray for my precious 5-year-old granddaughter, Abigail. She started kindergarten. Praying for protection and the Lord to use her for souls.