Prayer Requests - AZ

For the fear of the Lord to drop all immoral relationships to return to being a dad and grandfather.

Please pray for me and my family's healing, deliverance from fear, breakthrough, and protection. Pray my sister gets negative on the COVID-19 test.

Pray for my 48-year-old son, Brian's salvation and healing of his body, mind, and spirit. He is a broken and lonely man. Repeat: broken and lonely man.

Pray for my mentally ill son, Rocky, who recently lost his leg due to a flesh eating virus. Pray also for his protection from further invasion of this disease.

These adult children to obey the Lord God Almighty and honor their mother Elizabeth in Jesus' name; Son Armando, daughters Angelica and Amanda Montero.

Please pray for my healing, deliverance from fear, and for my family. God bless and thank you.