Prayer Requests - AZ

Prayer for Jesus to deliver me from alcoholism and smoking dope and for victory in my life and home over anxiety.

My brother Steve, a veteran and pastor is on a ventilator fighting for his life. His lungs are severely damaged by COVID-19, he's not getting better. God's will.

Prayer to come to the end of myself to allow the truth and love of Jesus to guide me to obey the heart of Christ.

Please pray that God will fill me and my ex with the Holy Spirit tonight. Please pray he love me deeply and take care of my safety and want to.

I have always been ashamed of the way I look and in a lot of pain. I have been badly rejected by my ex. I do love him deeply. Pray I forgive him.

Please pray God gives me unshakeable confidence as a female and I be jealous of no woman. Please pray my ex to contact me to rekindle our love. Thank you.