Prayer Requests - AR

Please pray for Myala she is 1 and has a mass around heart and lungs. She is going into surgery now 3/10/23.

Please pray for Nash. He's eight months old and his foot and toes are fractured. Doctors don't know what to do! Thank you.

Please pray for my 34-year-old son. May he be completely free of all addictions and deliverance from all that it has brought into his life.

I want to ask for prayer that I would walk boldly into God's will for my life.

Please pray for Lilly. She is 83 and a dear saint of God. Her heart is in AFib and if it doesn't stop, she will have to have surgery on the 23rd of this month.

Please pray for Zac, Henery, and David they are very sick with COVID. And please pray for Mrs. Lily she is getting radiation for cancer on her face.