Prayer Requests - AR

I'm dealing with a fellow Christian, Ms.Hannah at work. Unfortunately Ms.Hannah is our Operations Manager who is very young and privileged.

I don't want to hold feelings or be bitter but forgive someone in the church who continues to bad mouth me. God's dealings/correction on her.

A police officer in Fort Smith, Arkansas just lost his infant grandchild. Please pray for this family!

Tom has 4th stage Colon cancer. He is a faithful man of God. Pray for strength, a slow down of the spread and his body to respond well to treatment.

Deliverance for my husband's substance abuse, pride, jealousy, and demanding submission of me to sign everything over to him.

I am asking for prayer that l may be healed. That l may walk without falling that l be healed from the top of my head to my toes. In Jesus's Holy name. Thank you.