Prayer Requests - AR

Please pray for Richard and Bradley to stop doing drugs and living a sinful lifestyle. Please pray for them to open their hearts to God. Thank you.

My wife and I have been separated for 15 days now. There seems to be no end in sight at the moment. We need nothing short of a miracle!

Pray for DeAnna, she is in her last days or hours on this earth. She will be facing a Christless eternity. Her heart is so hardened. Lord have mercy.

Please pray for my husband needing a miracle to live. I've brought him home, laying here waiting on a miracle. I believe God to raise him up and HIS NAME.

Please pray for my 15-year-old son Skip that God will make him a Godly young man. Please pray for God to meet out needs.

Please pray for my mentally challenged son named Jeffrey. He is 32 years old, I want God to protect him and give him friends.