Prayer Requests - AR

My husband Bill needs to be born again. Our family needs a closer walk and witness for Jesus. Our churches to be strong and faithful. Also leaders and law officers.

Pray for Tim to be free from drugs, and alcohol. Jeff to be free from a tormenting spirit.

Please pray for my son John for his back surgery scheduled for 2 months in that time Jesus would heal him. Or let him get an appointment sooner.

Feeling like the Lord may want me to start a prayer group, that is tied to the September 26th prayer initiative.

Please pray for me, my husband just moved out after 32 years of marriage. I need a job. I have only been a housewife. Please pray for salvation for my husband, sons, and daughter-in-law.

Thank you for agreeing with me for the family, Bill, and our friends' salvation. I pray for our church to awaken to the opportunity we have and be fearful.