Prayer Requests - AL

Praise the Lord, who makes a way where there was no way. Praise the Lord, who seeks the lost. Lord, minister to Your people in this weekend's services.

Praise the miracle working God. Praise Him for help and comfort in troubled times. Lord, comfort the people of Florida post Ian. Show us Your glory.

Praise the Lord God Almighty, who rules in the affairs of man. O Lord, spare the world nuclear war. Stop the schemers from taking over. Help Ukraine

Pray for my husband Seth and his job situation. Please pray that God would work things out for him.

Pray for my brother, Manley. He is heartbroken, discouraged, and lost. Please pray that he will find a relationship with the Lord. Please pray!

Please pray for my children and grandchildren for salvation now that I'm about to be a great-grandmother, and I see the evilness. It's getting stronger.