Prayer Requests - AL

Praise the Lord of Hosts, the king of all creation. Pour out Your Spirit on the pulpits, Lord. May the pulpits and preachers be aflame with the word.

Praise God for salvation and forgiveness. Provide justice in these times so that many will fear the Lord. Let sinners know there is a God in America.

Praise the Lord God for giving us families. Lord encourage family to make an altar in the home and pray together. Discipled families = godly nation.

Praise the All Wise Sovereign for blessing Times Square Church. Reveal Your glory through TSC people, O Lord God. May they reach the world, Lord.

I would like your prayers for my oldest daughter, Kellie and myself regarding being with 3 of my grandchildren over disagreement of COVID-19 shot.

Pray that the Lord will raise up a chosen vessel that he will use to send a final refreshing and outpouring of the Holy Ghost, for the last harvest.