Prayer Requests - AL

I went to get blood work, and on Tuesday I go back for the results. I pray for strength, and for a good outcome. Thank you, Jesus.

Praise the God of glory who alone is worthy. May the witness of LD glorify Your name and edify Your kingdom. May You reach medical students with her.

Praise the Lord God for His word. His word is life and peace. Read the word and study God. He reveals who He is there and instructs in righteousness.

Praise the Lord God of Israel and America. Praise Him for wisdom and beauty. Praise Him for exposing the bitter secrets of the heart; let us repent.

Praise Lord God of Israel and America. Praise Him for the National Day of Prayer. Reach out to us as we reach out to You, O Holy One. Visit us, Yah.

Praise the God of Justice and the God of Mercy. Praise Him for a jubilee on abortion. Lord, please give the justices the resolve to see it through!