Prayer Requests - AL

I dropped out of school in ninth grade and got on drugs. Now I just want to stay sober, get an education and go to bible college. Pray for me, thank you.

Praise the everlasting Father for TSC. NYC and Nicki Cruz. Praise Him also for David Wilkerson. May He bless RK, GA, JR, and SD and convert them. Amen.

Praise the Lord God for greatness beyond compare. Praise Him for preparing us through our genealogies to achieve His purpose. Praise Him!

I love you all. God is helping me. I'm sober off meth trying to find a Job and help my family. Pray that God would help me and make amends. Prayer works!

Please ask God to convict my husband, Jason, of his sins and that he will accept Christ as his Savior. Also ask God to restore our marriage in Christ.

TSC. Pray for my daughter to be BLESSED in every area of her life. For God to open doors up financially to new opportunities in 2023.