Prayer Requests - AK

Prayer for Jesus to make a way to join TSC at Plymouth Rock to pray October 6 for our nation.

Ps 126 on this fast that Jesus would make a way for my family to love each other start praying together and enjoying Jesus together.

TSC please fast for housing and reliable transportation, for Jesus to bring solid Christian fellowship into my life I'm lonely.

Leaving the mine after 3 weeks of 12-hour shifts please pray for my roommate who will be heading to Chicago to encounter Jesus and for housing for myself.

Prayer for the perfect love of God and for rivers of living waters for my marriage, my wife is angry drinking every day, and chronically unhappy.

I'm fasting for Pastor Conlon (Psalm 91) and for all of you as you fast 3 days for the October 6, Plymouth Rock prayer. I'm fasting for our nation and elections. God Help Us.