Prayer Requests - Zimbabwe

I am out of a job and it's tough. l need to pay my college fees in order to write my college exams by the end of March 2023. Please help me pray for a new job.

Please help me in prayer; l keep failing God. l want to remain in faith and seek God first regardless of the circumstances I'm in at the moment.

Please help me pray for deliverance from the power of lust and pornography addiction. Thank you.

Please pray for God to break cycles of failure at the edge of a breakthrough, freedom from the cycles, and recompense for all that has been stolen and lost.

Please help me to pray for restoration of a good health, and business opportunities. That I may be able to fully provide for my mother and family.

My educational path is blocked and the fear of failing to provide for my family is crippling my faith. I need strength and educational doors opened.