Prayer Requests - South Africa

Hello. This is for my husband who suffers from epilepsy. He is in the hospital. The thing is, it's been a week and he stays confused. Please pray for him.

Pastor, I would like to request a prayer of deliverance from HIV/ AIDS as I am still on Antiretroviral's, and strength to walk with God Almighty.

Dear pastor, your sermons have made a big impact in my life. Please pray for my marriage and restoration in my home.

Abba, Father, please deliver my husband from every evil bondage, especially adultery. Please bring him to You and then back to me, his wife and children.

My heart is getting cold, but I am trusting God for renewal. I need to not only recognize the truth, but be convicted to it. I need to hear God again.

Pray that I stay focused on God's goodness and faithfulness, as I'm heading to child maintenance court for the 25th time. Tusting for a breakthrough.