Prayer Requests - South Africa

I feel empty and separated from God, I pray and no answer. Please pray for me because my soul is perishing. I'm losing my hope and faith.

Pray for God to manifest himself to me. I feel so empty and separated from him, having a hunger that only He can fill. I am getting weary in my prayers.

I need to break free from lying, using marijuana, cheating, porn, and masturbation. Please pray for God to give me the strength to stay on the narrow.

Please pray for Nathan who has a relationship with God, but also in a relationship with a non-believer. Pray for God to open his eyes and break up with her.

Nasty cancer in the womb with lymph node. Desperate for prayers for healing. Trusting God, as I do need my hands held up. Please pray.

I thank you God for your tenderness and love. I pray for the restoration of my marriage and family. I pray for your will in my life and business. Amen.