Prayer Requests - South Africa

Please pray for many Christian leaders in South Africa, regarding their public endorsement of and joyous use of booze, which is deceiving millions of Christians.

Please pray for my brother's wife, so that she is not so addicted to alcohol and sex. She had sexual enhancement surgery done on herself.

Please pray that God will help me in my unbelief. I've been to child maintenance court 24 times to trust God is still good and He knows all things.

Please pray for me so that I can know if my brother's wife is too incompetent to look after herself.

She studied to become a chef but ended up wor.

Am struggling with masturbation which started in 2013. This is affecting me very badly. I am losing it slowly, I really need deliverance.

How do I keep strong while I'm staying with a stranger on my property? He bathes, makes his food, and sleeps in my house. When I wake up, there's a stranger there.