Prayer Requests - Venezuela

Please pray for my parrot Rua, who has a hepatic condition. He is not eating.
Please pray for his complete healing.

We are Pastors in Venezuela, we are going through a very difficult economic situation, we want to leave this nation. Pray that God will guide us.

Please pray a healing miracle for Ernesto who is hospitalized with COVID-19, his oxygen levels are very low. His wife Susana also has high blood pressure thanks.

We are pastors in Venezuela. The economic situation is very hard and environment is dangerous because of the communist dictatorship that we live in, Please pray for us. Thanks.

Our friend Eva who is currently in Japan, has had four months with sharp and strong kidney pain. Please pray for her healing. She is alone there.

Former Casting Crowns drummer Andy Williams had an accident and is in very serious condition. Asking for Prayers!