Prayer Requests - United States

We ask that you pray for our sister Tina. Tina had heart surgery and she is in fear that she will not be okay. Please, pray for her. Thank you.

Praying for my sister J. in North Carolina. Her car engine needs to be replaced and it is very expensive. She needs a miracle.

Please pray for my daughter Heidi. She has severe dimentia. Pray for radical healing of her mind. Also, for her to sing again unto Jesus.

Please pray for my niece Suzette. Praying for her salvation. She has the knowledge of Jesus in her head. He needs her heart.

Please pray for my sister Yoly, who has a small soft growth at the back of her neck. She is a cancer survivor. I prayed with her.

Please pray for sister Susie at Summit, Pa. Pray for complete healing from the COVID-19 variant. Thanks.