Prayer Requests - Turkey

Please pray for L who has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Pray for healing, strength and the Lord's peace. He is in control.

Please urgently pray for me. I'm being attacked by satan. Now I find mice droppings in my home. I can't sleep knowing there is mice in the apartment.

I feel so dead and hopeless and sick, and I call upon God, and he doesn't answer. I'm physically ill with diabetes and neuropathy, and my skin is so bad.

My feet keep cracking, and the skin that supports is ripping. I'm diabetic, and it scares me. Please urgently pray for me; I don't want to lose any limbs.

Please urgently pray for my diabetic red feet, my diabetes, neuropathy in my body, and all bone/ joint problems. Please pray, my body is in bad shape.

Please pray for me to love Jesus and to repent from all sin and have conviction of sin. Please pray for God to tell me where he wants me to go.