Prayer Requests - Singapore

God bless me to have a healthy body and happy retirement life. Also, that my younger daughter-in-law won’t create trouble to chase me out.

Pray for my elder son Dominic in Germany, who has Type 2 diabetes. Also, pray He finds a sincere and faithful woman to be his wife.

Please pray for my mother Mary to be healed of cirrhosis and depression. My sister and I are struggling to care for her and I’ve been very depressed.

Please pray for my son TT (USA) to surrender his life to God again. Enable him to love his family with the love of Jesus, in truth and spirit.

I have been praying for my transfer contract. Lord I need it this week. Every week HR says it will be done and 10 days pass and no news.

Lord, I am still waiting on Human Relations for my transfer contract back to New York. I know You are in control, but please help me, as I am losing faith and patience.