Prayer Requests - Singapore

My S pass renewal was rejected and I'm praying that our HR can appeal so that it will be approved. I really need this so I can continue working to support my family.

Holy Spirit, please provide the right job and timing to return to New York for my green card. Please lead me to my future husband in New York.

Lord, please provide a suitable role with my employer so that I can return to New York for my green card. Management is not supportive. I need a miracle.

Pray for my eczema and contact dermatitis to heal. I've seen a doctor 3 times here and my fingers are still cracking. Pray for the right medical help.

Pray for a Vice-President role within my company, and for me to transfer back to New York from Singapore by Easter 2021. Lord please provide a miracle.

Pray that ICA Singapore will allow me to serve my quarantine from home after my trip to New York at the end of July due to my medical conditions.