Prayer Requests - Singapore

Lord, I need a miracle job opening with my employer to transfer back to the US from Singapore. New job search and current role is not going well.

I pray for Philippe B and his family to be saved. Lord forgive me for breaking your commandments in our relationship. Holy Spirit please lead us.

Lord forgive my past sins and idolatry. I repent of them. Please bring me out of the darkness into the promised land as you did with the Israelites in Exodus.

Lord, I need a revival. The doors are closing in on my job in Singapore. Please give me direction and a miracle job offer as soon as possible back in the US or in Paris.

I am burnt out by toxic work culture in Singapore. I need to leave but I don't know where to go in USA or Paris. Lord give me direction and a miracle.

Pray for a godly Christian husband. Lord I do not wish to fornicate or turn to the occult to ask for a husband anymore. Forgive me and let me marry.