Prayer Requests - Sweden

Please pray for my oldest daughter who went through with an abortion. The child would have been born now. She was a believer at a young age. I am in grief!

Need of healing for my very high blood pressure and overweight. Imprisoned in a very small apartment and constantly under stress.

Pray for my husband who has been gone three months, still with the other woman. Lord, have mercy, open his eyes to this sin. Lord only you can change him!

Please pray for my aunt. Her husband has abused her for many years and it's getting worse. She's a believer.

Our son is broken, wife met another. He is an elder and leader in the church. Pray she will come back to him and their children; no divorce. Healing in marriage!

Prat for my daughter who has a big problem with her ex boyfriend. He is psychotic and jealous. He is trying to track her down. It's so terrible. God help her.