Prayer Requests - Seychelles

Please pray with me. I have a lot of student debt that I'm not able to pay-off and I’m afraid. I need a divine intervention and miracle.

Please pray for God’s guidance, the right people and boldness to produce and release the songs God is inspiring me to write. I’m scared of being seen.

Please pray for help with debts and accelerated Master degree: Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, Masters of Arts in Theological Studies.

Please pray for me because it seems like every time good things are set to happen in my life, it fails. Now I’m jobless, broke, unmarried.

I really want to get married but nobody seems to see me or be interested in me. Every avenue I have tried has failed.

God, I am begging you! Please forgive me. Please hear me. Please deliver me. I am drowning. Please get this bond off of me. I am begging you. Please.