Prayer Requests - Puerto Rico

My son L has autism. Please pray that God may grant him health, wisdom, peace, and the ability to see the truth.

Pray for my family. My wife and two sons. That God may grant us wisdom, health, peace, and a spirit of perseverance in our path towards eternal life.

Please pray God supplies a house for my family. We have 30 days to move out and nowhere to go. In serious financial need. Please pray for us.

Prayer for a good report on a medical test result and a medical follow-up I have this Friday. Trusting in Jehova Rapha!

Please pray for my sister Aymar. She is having pain in her knee due to an inflammation. Also, please pray for a special petition for me and my husband.

Please pray for the people of Ukraine and their President. Pray for their prayers to be answered In Jesus's name. Only God can do the impossible.