Prayer Requests - Puerto Rico

Please pray for my niece Christy's salvation and to return home. Also, pray for my sister Sylvia so that she can see her daughter on Mother's Day.

Urgent prayer needed for 94-year-old mother who fell and hit her head. She is in the hospital now running tests. Please pray that nothing is fractured.

Please pray for healing of painful veins and leg pains, especially my right one. Doctor's appointments are three or four months away. God bless you!

Would you please pray for my sister. She is in the the ER now. She has a heart ailment and heart rate and pulse are very high.

My son L has autism. Please pray that God may grant him health, wisdom, peace, and the ability to see the truth.

Pray for my family. My wife and two sons. That God may grant us wisdom, health, peace, and a spirit of perseverance in our path towards eternal life.