Prayer Requests - Puerto Rico

Please pray for my wife and I to find a home. We are staying with her parents and have two kids. Pray God opens a door.

Please pray for my wife and kids. We moved and need to find a place to live. We are staying with in-laws. We have no jobs, as we cannot apply for our licenses.

Please pray for my elderly mom, who just had a fall and broke her arm. She is in a lot of pain. For healing and God's presence.

Please pray that Daniela will have peace in accepting God's answer so that she will end her lesbian relationship. May God give her peace and bless her.

Pray that Fredeswinda F.A´s procedure on her ovary goes well. There is an inflamed mass behind her ovary that is causing her discomfort and pain. Pray that it is not malignant or cancer.

Pray that Dave F. will be completely healed from the bacteria in his body. Pray for a miraculous healing of his ankle and that he will be able to walk normally again.