Prayer Requests - Philippines

Please pray for the life of my mother-in-law, Encarnacion G. May God give her more days to live. She is suffering from ampullary cancer today. God bless.

Maybe you can pray for me that the right person will buy my tablet at the price posted on my facebook and not haggle, it will be a big help to me.

Praying for Julius. He is very disturbed. He cannot sleep. He needs to burn-out first before he can sleep. Praying for his peace of mind from Jesus. Thanks TSC.

Please help me pray for my NCLEX-RN exam on November 18, 2022. I moved it from October 3rd, due to being very anxious. Praying for the help of the Holy Spirit to intervene. Thanks.

Praying to be cancer free and for my immigrant petition to be granted so I'm able to go back to work.