Prayer Requests - Peru

I pray for the family of Nancy J. And Cesar, that the Lord will restore their marriage and work in the lives of each member of their family.

My mom Diony is paralyzed waist down and requires a double hip and spine surgery. We don't have enough resources for it. Cry out for God's deliverance.

Please pray for my two kids, Romina and Dominick. They've contracted a very strong stomach virus and are very sick. Please Lord, heal their little bodies.

I ask God for my daughter Marina to return to Jesus. When growing up, the world's ideology and doctrine entered her mind and departed her from God.

May God pour out his Holy Spirit on all my family. I want my whole family saved for Jesus! I have a husband, a son and two daughters.

Please pray for my daughter Emilia (age 16). She hates her body, feels depressed and angry, and can't manage her eating disorder. She needs Jesus!