Prayer Requests - Peru

Pray for my brother Robert who is having panic attacks and a hard time to go to work. We are praying he can give his life to Jesus. God bless you.

I declare on the name of Jesus that my home and I, we serve the Lord. Pray for the salvation of my dad Armando and brother Giancarlo. Amen.

Oh Lord, please come to Luchy's family. Restore them. Please guide Luchy. Do not let her make any mistakes. Help her. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Dear Lord, we love you. We pray for all of our marriages in our family: mom, my sisters, and me. Please restore them and use them to your glory.

Please TSC pray for my friends Lucia, Malu, July, Jacky to have a deep relationship with the Lord Jesus. They are babies, just born again.