Prayer Requests - New Zealand

I'm hearing way too many voices. It's seriously doing my head in and driving me absolutely nuts. The anger is unbearable and getting worse.

I have a bad temper with God. Gets violent. He keeps loving me thru it. At times it's so bad any person next to me cops it. Just can't do this anymore.

Please pray for my safety and protection tonight. For the house inspection with Fleur to go all right tomorrow. I am dreading Fleur coming here.

My husband is addicted to pornography and video games. He is a liar and is emotionally and physically abusive in small ways. We desperately need Jesus.

Prayer for family member J, who is seeking direction for self and family from mediums, occult practices and those in the occult. J to get saved.

I am looking for a job. I really need a job that will allow me to go to church on Sundays and occasional prayer meetings on Saturdays.