Prayer Requests - New Zealand

Pray for my daughter Lia to be healed now and forever, of all eczema and skin conditions. She is 6-months-old and has suffered with skin infections.

Please can you pray for a super system healing from mercury poisoning and for it to be supernaturally removed from my body and all other ailments.

Meredith needs our prayers. She's a teen who is harming herself. Her mom is desperate. I said I would pray. Please, pray with me.

Pray against oppression... feels physical but it's spiritual. Feels like something could be inside me, not sure but have struggled sometimes to function. Thank you.

Please pray for my son and my safety. We have gang activity here at night and I am really concerned for our safety.

Please pray for my friend Jenny who has lung cancer. She was told yesterday she has 9-12 months to live. She needs salvation as well as miracle healing.