Prayer Requests - Norway

Please pray God's will for A-H, C, and A. May He have all their hearts and help them to accept His will for them, and that He be glorifyed. Thank You Lord!

Pray for my pain in muscles, in my arm and spinal stenosis in my back. It's very much pain. Dear God in Jesus' name. Thank you.

Please pray that the Lord set me free. He knows! And for Him to use my life for His pupose. Thank You, Jesus.

Dear God. Have I done something wrong? Please deliver me. Give me wisdom on what to do according to my family and my life. Please pray for me.

Please pray for deliverence for me. I don't know anymore if I'm in a battle or not. I feel evil is taking over and I'm all alone.

Please pray for my family to have everything right with God. He can take what's wrong and make it right. He knows it all. Thank You, Jesus!