Prayer Requests - Netherlands

Please pray for my friend Shane's salvation. That he repents, confesses, and forsakes his sinful life and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

In the need for prayers, because I have problems with dizzyness. Please pray that the Lord shall heal me from dizzyness in the name of Jesus.

Please pray for my husband Mauro to come to his senses and set him free from sins. Believe God's justice against our adversaries and complete family restoration.

Pray for P. who has just been shot by criminals and his life is in danger. He is a public figure and a crime investigator. He does his work very well.

Struggling with self-condemnation and burnout. Please pray that God's love will breakthrough in my life.

Please pray for my physical recovery and a deeper growing relationship with God. Pray, also, that my biological dad contacts me to know me.