Prayer Requests - Netherlands

Lord Jesus, help. My mother has severe blood cancer. Please heal her and the hurting in my fathers heart. Help us Lord, please. I feel so broken.

Lord Jesus, help. My wife wants a divorce. I made a lot of mistakes and failed in loving her, as she deserves to be loved. Heal us and our three kids.

Urgent prayer request for for D. She tried to commit suicide last week. She's in a coma right now. Pray for this Jewish family. For their salvation.

Pray for my husband J. He's addicted to weed and gets drunks every night. Sometimes I want to leave. Divorce is no option and God forbid. Pray that the Lord makes him stop. My husband has a lot of pain and needs healing.

I am involved in a lawsuit with landlord about the heating costs. Please pray for God's instructions and victory, I am 27 years old, a Christian, poor widow and orphan.

Our daughter who's a single mom of two, is struggling with depression and taking care of her kids lovingly. Her name is Naomi. She knows the Lord.