Prayer Requests - Nigeria

My father Hassan Audu had a stroke and he's not looking good and is bedeviled by witchcraft from the family.

I've been suffering from persistent dream attacks of people stealing from me for about 1 year now and this has really affected my finances and business.

My request is for God to show me mercy and deliver me from a witch that is after my life, attacking me spiritually day and night.

I pray that every form of demonic, occultic, witchcraft, marine possession, or bondage over my sister's life shall be destroyed in Jesus' name. Amen.

Please pary for my country Nigeria's forthcoming election (2/25/2023) for God's intervention to be free and fair and for the manifestation of His glory.

Please pray for me that I get the McKinsey Job, my family is healed, that I love myself and I can get admission and approval to Canada.

Thank you.