Prayer Requests - Nigeria

Pray for a woman who was kidnapped. Pray that God Almighty would set her free. Also, pray for healing for Jill and her family. They are battling cancer in Jesus' name. Only God.

I'd like God's favor for my Fall semester graduate school fees, NYC living expenses, and the success of my new project.

Pray God to save me and my household from the power of the grave. May the healing power of the Almighty God come upon Jude.

My prayer request is that I want God to open a door of blessings for me and make a provision of a good car for me.

Please, pray for me, may God settle the spiritual dispute that is affecting the physical status between me and my wife, in Jesus' name, amen.

Praying that the forces of Islam will be defeated in Nigeria. Praying that me hear God's voice and that He will become part of my life. Praying that millions be converted.