Prayer Requests - Kenya

Pray for me to get a provision to join a flight school in Canada. I have been trusting God for this provision for 10 years. Amen.

Pray for my sister to find a good and secure house. Also, pray for me to be able to start a business, from all of the business ideas I have.

Pray for divine strength to continue trusting and waiting on the Lord's will to manifest in my life despite great physical and spiritual opposition.

Pray that the true church of Jesus will arise and shine brightly in the midst of these dark days and that His call on my life will manifest.

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus, my prayer points: Thank God for family and aunty Alice. Pray for a better-paying job, hubby (friend Martina), and the government of Kenya.

I want to have a good and deserving relationship with God, be filled with the holy spirit, communicate and listen to Him, and practise and observe His laws. Pray for me.