Prayer Requests - Kenya

Please pray for the unrest in Kenya. Pray for peace, forgiveness as a people, and revival. O Lord, I need you. Please help, my eyes are on you.

Pray that the Lord will intervene for my son Njamba to be able to clear an IT course and get a job soon. He's in a very challenging position.

Pray for victory over those in my household who spiritually oppose the call of the Lord on my life. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes.

Pray for my friend, George, to overcome all barriers and be freed to go into ministry as the Lord has called him.

Pray for spiritual victory over my ex involved with false teachers and my brother an ex-witness involved in new age practices. Jesus overrules them.

Pray for the Lord to give my son Njamba a sense of direction in life. Mature him in faith and open financial doors for him.