Prayer Requests - Kenya

Please help me to pray for the salvation of my family members and that they may be renewed and transformed in Christ Jesus and none of them to be lost.

Please help me to pray for my husband to be delivered from alcohol and be renewed and transformed and become a new man after God in Christ Jesus.

Pray that I will be able to see clearly with my new glasses. Also, that my daughter may be able to break a lip-sucking habit which she struggles with.

Pray against fights at work as false witnesses have risen against me. That the Lord would arise and vindicate me, give me peace, and growth.

A clot has been found in Cathy's head. Please pray for healing as she is the breadwinner in the village.

Include my home country Kenya in today's prayers. Also, for my enemies, family, and my friends. USA, you're not alone in this cry of repentance.