Prayer Requests - Japan

Would you please pray that my son shares a sense of crisis with my family about the spread of COVID-19 infection? I am threatened by his outlook on life.

My son is away from the church. May his life be given a good community and role models. He is good at playing the guitar. Thank you.

Infection spreads day by day in Tokyo and public tensions are increasing. May my son prioritize the wisdom of God and be protected from infection.

I had a close examination because of severe abdominal pain, but It couldn't find any major illness. I was very relieved. Thank you for your prayers.

Many Japanese are calling to cancel the Tokyo Olympics fearing that many are gathering at once in a pandemic. May God have intervention in the decision.

Please pray for my mother who being treated at the hospetal. May she be free from pain, suffering and lonely. Lord please protect her. Thank you.