Prayer Requests - Japan

Please pray that my son would continue to learn at a vocational school protected from all temptations and obstructions. Thank you.

My son dropped out of school twice before, probably because of laziness. May he be delighted in the process of his efforts at his new school.

My son started studying at a vocational school. Please pray that he would be protected from all obstructions and begin to live in God's purpose. Thank you.

My son will go to a vocational school the day after tomorrow. May the joy of learning and growing be revived, obstacles be shattered and he is protected.

I am eager for my son to realize his fault before God. Please pray that God will tell me how God will be able to respond to this problem. Thank you.

For my dear friend Sara. She has a health issue. Pray for that God touches her and heals her completely and we all see God's Grace and Glory.