Prayer Requests - Jamaica

Please pray for Damian, he just found out that he has colon cancer at the age of 34. Also pray for his family that the Lord gives them strength.

Please pray that God will lead me only through the door He has opened. l need job or source of income using my gifts. I have not worked in over a year.

Please pray for me to get a job and or source of income from my skills. That God will lead me through the doors He opened. Close doors He didn't open.

Please pray for the Island of Jamaica and that the killings get under control. Also Sajay who is running from police for his life.

My brother is depressed after a stroke, praying for patience and healing and strength. Prayer for his family also.

Please pray that I will overcome severe itching caused from allergic reaction. I also need prayer for the healing of both feet. God bless you.