Prayer Requests - India

Please pray for my missing son Christopher Khumlo it's been 4 years since he disappeared. A brutally murdered body was handed over, it did not have the tattoo.

Please pray for India in our fight against drug trafficking, rape parties, kidnapped children; protection of all those who are investigating and exposing.

Urgent prayer request for my neighbor, who's 36 and in serious condition. She was hospitalized for dengue and later diagnosed with COVID-19.

I'm 34, single, from India. Please pray for me. I'm struggling with self-harm (murderous spirits), self-curses, a spirit of anger, and self-hatred.

Please pray for me as I am facing problems in my studies and now I am studying in 12th standard. Pray for me that God will bless me with good wisdom.

Please pray for my sister, Lydia, who is unmarried and from India. She has thyroid, cough, pigmentation, dry eyes, back pain, and knee pain.