Prayer Requests - Ireland

Prayer for my wife who has anger, trust issues and who cannot seem to forgive. Also for my besetting sin of selfishness which has been so destructive.

Please pray for our daughter K that God would reveal the truth of His love towards her so she can be set free to worship and serve Him. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for homeless situation in Ireland and for Lumina, Christopher, and Fabio involved in evangelist work.

Called to Ministry in 2017, God moved but then stopped. Lost everything. Prayers unanswered. No direction, no hope. Want to end it. Where is God?

Please prayer that our daughter would be intentional in the things of God. Move on her Lord and reveal your great love to her. Thank you TSC.

Pray for my health and a solution for my apartment rent. Also, I'm finishing my postgraduate studies. Pray for success with my job interview. Salvation for my siblings.