Prayer Requests - Hungary

LORD, protect Hungary, and have Mercy on B, P, Z, B, K, L, S, L, P, C, politicians in Hungary, USA, EU, NATO, Russia, and Ukraine! Grant us peace, purity, abortion less world.

Our Heavenly Father! Draw my son, Zsombi back to You. Baptize him in water and in Your Holy Spirit in the youth camp on Nov. 11-13. Please pray for them.

My mother was in the hospital and arrived home six days ago. She got too much sedative and sleeping pills. Until now she doesn't have energy to stand up and walk. Please pray.

At dawn today, a friend (66 years old) had a stroke. She was operated on in the afternoon. The speech area in the brain is damaged, paralyzed on the right.

I would like a wife, family renewal, and for my church renewal. I want to hate porn. I want to be mentally healed. God bless you.

Dear church family, please pray for me and my 15 year old son. My COVID-19 test was positive today. Please pray against fear and avoiding the hospital. Thank you.