Prayer Requests - Greece

My mom and I prayed together on Friday and she accepted Jesus in her heart, but she still needs an infilling of the Holy Spirit! Please pray for her.

Please pray for Mr. Robert Martins who is suffering due to complications from the vaccine. Lord Jesus heal him!

I want to come to Summit and serve with you, but I am not a US citizen and above 40.
May God bring me there with you! My life is sold out to Jesus.

Mr. Antoniadis, a lawyer in Greece, has been exposing murders in the hospitals for 22 months. His life is now threatened. Please pray for his life!

That Jesus blesses my friend Robin with joy and optimism for the future. That the veil of loneliness will be lifted once and for all from her life.

My friend John Mark fractured his left radius (wrist area) yesterday. Please pray for God to show His healing power to him and everyone around him.