Prayer Requests - Greece

Please pray that my left elbow will be competely healed from chronic tendonitis. My volunteering and training require great physical strength.

Please pray that there won't be a war conflict between Greece and Turkey. Tonight things are very dangerous and could get worse at any moment.

May God send to Athens, Greece an evangelist from Times Square Church. Here at the center of Hope, we are in the streets feeding the homeless.

Praying for an Evangelist to come to Athens, Greece. To Center of Hope, that feeds the poor in the streets of Athens. One who has a heart for Greece.

Can you please pray for my aunt Mary, she needs surgery as soon as possible but we can't find a doctor to do it. Pray that our Lord keeps her safe.

Prayer for healing from MS, to able to walk, have back and side pain. My parents both had strokes. Pray for my boys' salvation.