Prayer Requests - Ghana

Pray for complete healing from stage 3 breast cancer for Madelene, she's undergoing radiation treatment. Faith to keep trusting and see a future for herself.

Pray for admission to a Masters's program in Syracuse. I am getting married in May. Pray for journey mercies for my future wife from the US to Ghana. Pray to live in purity and holiness all day.

Pray for Madelen who is undergoing radiation for stage 3 cancer. Pray also for healing and faith to continue trusting and the finances to continue treatment.

Pray for Madelen, she started radiation today after successful chemo and surgery to remove stage 3 cancer cells. Thank God for His faithfulness. Amen.

Pray for Madelen to undergo treatment for breast cancer. Just completed surgeries and will be undergoing radiation. Pray for finances to pay for treatment.

I have been praying to God for a financial breakthrough for my business. Dear God, have mercy on me, act now, send help and glorify your goodness to me.