Prayer Requests - Ghana

Healing for my husband Jerome from illness. Please pray for long life and grace to trust in God. Thank you.

Please pray for my mom and sister. So much hurt and bitterness, they are believers. Pray they hear the Holy Spirit. Pray I be used also.

Church pray for me! I have sold products to customers, and payments are overdue. They're holding my money. I need financial breakthrough, Jesus. Amen.

I need the power of God to bless my business finances and to prosper my business. Jesus, help me, for I divine support for every area in my life! dYa„¢AdYAA¿.

TSC help! Pray with me to ask Jesus to bless my business to be successful so I can do more to support the ministry of Jesus and the needy. Amen!

Please pray for my mom, Vida to know she is loved by you and her family. To know your will and have peace.